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Why Choose Royal Spanish Center?

What is the Royal Spanish Center?

The Royal Spanish Center was founded in 2008 under the supervision of Dr. Tamer Salem. Spanish Center’s purpose is providing the best patient care and expertise in the field of laser vision correction or Laser Eye Surgery. Royal Spanish Center’s Responsibility is to provide our patients with a strong understanding coupled with proper education, allowing them to come to an informed decision.

FemtoSMILE – State-or-the-art Vision Correction Procedure available in Abu Dhabi

FemtoSMILE is one of the most advanced procedure in Vision Correction available in Abu Dhabi, making us pioneer to introduce FemtoSMILE in Abu Dhabi, The procedure requires 5 minutes, is completely Blade Free with minimum incision. Healing is quicker and you can resume work within a day or two.

Royal Spanish Center Code

At Royal Spanish Center we believe that the success of everything is based on embracing the values and sticking to principles. It comes along with professionalism, developing, and seeking perfection. At Royal Spanish Center we see our patients as members of our big family, and from the very beginning we made a promise to do whatever it takes to protect our family, help them, and give them what they need in order to make their lives even better.

LASIK in Abu Dhabi

Royal Spanish Center enjoys its strategic position for eye care, Vision Correction & LASIK services in Abu Dhabi. With one of the most advanced FemtoSMILE procedure and IntraLASIK technology, Royal Spanish Center becomes number one choice for eye care & LASIK services in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Beside Vision Correction services, Royal Spanish Center also offers wide range of eye care services such as Cataract surgery, Keratoconus Treatment, Glaucoma and ICL.

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Femto Cataract (Blade Free) Surgery

Royal Spanish Center offers Blade Free Cataract surgery Femto Cataract in Abu Dhabi, UAE, with State-of-the-art facility, Dr Ayman Shuman performs Femto Cataract Surgery, book your Consultation today. Read more

Cataract at royal spanish center in Abu Dhabi


Cataract is a serious condition in the eye that can severely hinder vision, when the lens between the iris and the pupil starts to cloud up and causes complications in eyesight and clarity. At Royal Spanish Center, we have state of the art treatments and procedures to correct this condition. Book your consultation now

Keratoconus at royal spanish center in Abu Dhabi


Keratoconus is a common degenerative eye condition that causes structural changes in the cornea when it stars to thin and become more conical in shape. Book an appointment with our specialized doctors at Royal Spanish Center today. Book your consultation now

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