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For patients who suffer from extreme nearsightedness or farsightedness, and even those with Keratoconus, LASIK might not be an option. The best alternative is a process known as Implantable Contact Lens, which are basically lenses that are placed inside the eye with a short and simple procedure. ICL provides the ideal permanent solution to visual impairment that cannot be fixed by traditional LASIK, and also helps avoid the daily hassle of removing and cleaning lenses.

The type of ICL we use at Royal Spanish Center is the Visian Implantable Collamer Lens, which is a type of Phakic Intraocular Lens made from a soft foldable polymeric material. As the cornea of our eyes is made up of collagen, this material offers exceptional biocompatibility as well as superior optical capability, making it extremely easy to implant it into the eye behind the iris through a tine incision of only 3.0 mm. Additionally, since the Visian™ ICL is stationary and not attached to any part of the eye, patients can hardly feel its presence.

With the recent advances in this type of technology, Visian™ ICL offers several advantages for patients who cannot opt for traditional LASIK procedure, such as:


  • ► Simplicity – no additional maintenance needed after the lens is implanted.
  • ► Safety – Proven track record of safety with more than 55,000 applications.
  • ► Enhanced vision quality – not only is visual acuity improved to 20/20, the process also helps enhance visual quality immediately.
  • ► Biocompatibility – the material used in the lenses is 100% pure collagen copolymer and is not seen as a foreign object by the immune system.
  • ► Versatility – a wider treatment range for myopia compared to LASIK.
  • ► Lens Placement – looks invisible to the patient and any observer.
  • ► Removable – if the patient’s vision changes, the lens can be removed or replaced.


Discover the power of Visian™ Implantable Contact Lens in Abu Dhabi with our special offers at Royal Spanish Center, and enjoy going back to seeing the world as sharp as ever.

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