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About Us

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Royal Spanish Center


The Royal Spanish Center is a healthcare entity expertise in the field of laser vision correction, Eye Care & other eye disorders.
Since its launch in 2008 by of Dr. Tamer Salem. He has worked towards its vision to be the trusted and leading healthcare entity in Lasik vision correction surgeries in UAE and Qatar

Our Staff doctors have UK and/or USA fellowship certifications and carry vast experience in their respective subspecialties. We have visiting physicians who follow the recent eye care practice guidelines currently being followed in UK, Europe and USA for our patients.
We are Located in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Qatar.


We seek to be the leading healthcare entity for Ophthalmology and Lasik procedures in UAE and Qatar.


Providing the best patient care and expertise in the field of laser vision correction, Eye Care & other eye disorders. through highly-qualified personnel and top-of-the-line ophthalmology equipment.


At Royal Spanish Center, we believe that the success of everything is based on embracing the values and sticking to principles. It comes along with professionalism, developing, and seeking perfection.

Our core values:

  1. Patient Safety: As safety will always come first, it is our responsibility to provide patients with a strong understanding coupled with proper education, allowing them to come to an informed decision.
  2. Patient Satisfaction: Our commitment is the detailed need of each patient as an individual; we see our future through your eyes.
  3. Seeking Continuous Improvement in our services and performance: we will always aim for being better than we were yesterday to keep our patient’s trust. And we will always be delightful to receive your consistent feedbacks and satisfaction surveys
  4. Team Work and open communication: We are committed to keep high collaboration between our medical and non-medical staff members to put the patient at the center of every action we do.
  5. Diversity: As we are all based in country with many different backgrounds, nationalities and different culture we embrace all of these in our staff and patient
  6. Patient Confidentiality: The privacy of all medical records and other individually identifiable health information must be protected always.

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